Breathtaking Photoshop Patterns Collection for Free

Patterns are nothing but a small block of design which can be used repeatedly to create attractive designs like website backgrounds, textures of wall, ceilings, tiles of floors, roofs, etc. with very little effort. By taking the advantage of patterns designers can save a great deal of time for themselves. Here is an awesome and very useful patterns for photoshop mainly are available for downloading in pat as well as jpg or png format. Be sure to check the usage policies of the creator.
seamless warm copper photoshop pattern
Bright looking warm and hot copper colored seamless free pattern for photoshop. Visit designer’s page for download…. Source

free and cool paper pattern for photoshop
Nicely created cool looking paper pattern for free, visit designer’s page for more information on usage.. source

Free Ornate Floral Ornament Pattern for Photoshop
5 free ornate Photoshop pattern for your designs … source

vintage retro grunge wallpaper pattern texture
Free vintage grunge type retro pattern for your design … source

light brick pattern for free
A nice looking free brick pattern to use inside your design. source

8 tileable grunge texture pattern
8 tileable grunge texture pattern background… source

11 beautiful plaid patterns for photoshop… source

high resolution seamless Nebula Stars & Space pattern
Free pack of 8 large high resolution seamless Classic Nebula, Stars and Space pattern to design beautiful night scene.. source

leather woods and engraves hole patterns
3 sets of seamless tileable patterns. One set engraved holes patterns, another softline wood patterns and other one is elegant leather pattern… enjoy this beautiful pattern sets from …source

Television set patterns
Television set patters in different colors.. source

free spotlight abstract patterns for photoshop

Hexagon pattern for photoshop
20 seamless hexagon patterns for Photoshop and Gimp. They are completely free, including commercial use. Source

floral ornamental pattern for background
15 beautiful floral and ornamental ornate pattern for creating beautiful background …. source

colorful and simple floral patterns
8 colorful and simple floral patterns from… source

30 seamless cloud pattern
30 high quality seamless cloud pattern in jpg format…could be useful to create alien atmosphere and cloudburst like pandora in Avatar movie…. source

vector floral ornament patterns
6 ornament vector pattern for free…. source

grunge warning stripes background patterns
Colorful grunge stripes background pattern totally free, specially for twitter like social sites… source

tileable fabrick texture patterns
Beautiful tileable fabric texture pattern in 9 colors, completely free to use.. source

cool mint green seamless pattern
Free pack of tileable seamless Cool Mint Green patterns in jpg format and Photoshop pattern (.pat) set… source

textile patterns
Beautiful textile fabric … source

Tile paper patterns
Free seamless tileable paper patterns set for Photoshop… source

tileable black color metal pattern
Hq tileable metal texture.. in .psd and .pat format.. source

Free 8 tileable metal texture patterns … source

retro grunge wallpaper patterns
Retro grunge wallpaper patterns in 9 different colors… source

Baby pink pastel
39 Free tileable baby pink pastel seamless patterns.. source

30 seamless tiny pixel patterns… source

504 web background patterns at lower resolution optimized for web … source

11 seamlessly tileable free grungy faded retro patterns for Photoshop in .jpg format and corresponding Photoshop pattern (.pat) set… source

Another High Qhality tileable metal texture.. in .psd and .pat format.. source

Free hq combo pack of tileable seamless large (1024px * 1024px)  Whitewashed Grunge textures in .jpg and corresponding Photoshop pattern (.pat) format… Source

Realistic cardboard paper patterns … source




Free seamless Tileable Stone, Pavement, and Marble textures in .jpg format as well as corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat)  format… Source

Totally free seamless tileable grunge texture… Source

Free 45 Victorian floral and ornamental patterns.. Source

4 Free Carbon Fibre patterns Set… Source

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  1. mfcreative says:

    Thank you for including my flower pattern pack :)

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